San Clemente

We don’t know where our store will be located, but we do know it will be awesome!

From surveys and community meetings, San Clemente has a desire for a business that is created by people for people, sourcing honest food.

A store that is community-owned dedicated to strengthening our local economy and ecology by providing high quality foods, goods, and education that promote personal well-being – a market that is able to serve the community in ways beyond a traditional grocery store, one that creates local jobs, and supports local businesses.  We want a market that brings to one location items that we currently have to drive out of our way for and shop at multiple stores to meet our basic needs.

San Clemente Community Market will be a full-service grocery store featuring:

  • Produce department featuring local items when in season
  • Bulk foods including organic grains, legumes, and dried fruits and vegetables
  • Fresh, frozen, canned, and prepackaged natural and organic food items
  • Foods for special dietary needs including vegan, vegetarian, fruit juice sweetened, gluten-free and dairy-free food items
  • Locally-produced baked goods, produce, eggs, dairy, meats, and regional specialties
  • Minimally packaged foods and products
  • Cafe including a smoothie, juice and espresso bar, soups, sandwiches and salads
  • Environmentally friendly and safe household cleaners
  • Plus more! As a member-owner you have a voice in many of these decisions
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One thought on “San Clemente

  • Mary Ross

    I’d like a ham sandwich

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