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Owned by the people, for the people.

Owned by the people, for the people.

What started as just a casual conversation between neighbors about the lack of true local and organic food evolved into a movement. From community meetings and surveys of local residents a common vision emerged: People want high quality food at fair prices; to know their food sources and safety; and most important of all, to be vested in their local community. The solution: A Food Co-op!

On Earth Day 2011, San Clemente Community Market was incorporated to become Orange County's first full-service grocery store Co-op. With it, a grassroots effort of volunteers inviting friends and neighbors to join in the vision of creating a full-service grocery store. In the process, learning that its not just solely about food, but about strengthening the ties of our community; creating local jobs and supporting local farmers!

Still, with all the benefits to the community, the greatest aspect of a Co-op is how it empowers individuals in a time of polarization; providing an opportunity for everyone to come together for positive and practical purposes, and in doing so, building a healthier and vibrant Village by the Sea. Please join us!
-- SCCM Board of Directors

trusted food

Connect to the source of your food! With over hundreds of local organic farmers to choose, SCCM will support locally produced food from transparent, secure, environmentally-sustainable farms.



Invest locally in good health! Everyone understands the pride and financial benefits of ownership. Imagine the feeling of autonomy, walking into your own convenient grocery store! Invest in SCCM!



Together we're stronger! By cooperating, we can strengthen the social and financial fabric of our community. As a full-service grocery store, SCCM will bring people together for our common good.


our children

A future where children will thrive! This is an opportunity to create a sustainable, secure, and abundant local business that will nourish generations to come.


We are a people-driven project, and you count! Become a part of history. Purchase your share today!

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More than a great place to shop!



The Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op's Community Kitchen was developed both as a way to support their mission to provide the benefits of healthy food to everyone, and to fulfill a growing need in their community. They partner with non-profit...

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San Diego

San Diego

Ocean Beach Peoples Market saw the need for urban children to learn where their foods are grown. To accomplish this, Peoples sponsors bus transportation for children to Wild Willow Farm, a working farm where teach people essential sustainable farming skills, host...

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Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara

The Isla Vista Food Co-op located adjacent to UC Santa Barbara, about 10 miles north of Santa Barbara, reaches out to their Spanish language community by providing bilingual information about the co-op, including benefits of joining, basic needs, how to shop on a...

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San Clemente

San Clemente

We don't know where our store will be located, but we do know it will be awesome! From surveys and community meetings, San Clemente has a desire for a business that is created by people, for people, sourcing honest food. A store that is community-owned dedicated to ...

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current owners

ownership goal

year's in making

local farmers

The SCCM Project

People coming together to do something awesome!



SCCM is governed by a board of directors made up of member-owners democratically elected by its shareholders - the co-op's member-owners. The board is accountable to them.

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the plan

the plan

The cooperative difference is people. It is a business model built on values, not profit! Guided by principles that have withstood the test of time, modern co-ops are thriving, and so can SCCM.

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The modern cooperative community has evolved into a rich professional resource. Since its inception, SCCM has tapped into that community for professional guidance in its development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the San Clemene Community Market?

San Clemente Community Market (SCCM) is a grocery store currently in development. Its goal is to offer local and organic foods and other goods to the residents of Orange County.

Is SCCM the farmers market?

No.  SCCM is a food co-op in development.  Farmers markets are great; however, people want farm fresh produce and the convenience and hours of a grocery store.  That’s why we’re building it!

How will SCCM be different from all of the other grocery stores?

SCCM is a food cooperative, or “co-op.”  A co-op is an organization owned and governed by the same people who will buy its goods and use its services.  SCCM’s owners are also known as “member-owners” and “shareholders.”

Where will it be located?

The store will be located in San Clemente, and will serve all surrounding areas.

Why should I join before its open?

Joining now means it can open sooner.  As ownership numbers increase so does the pace and size of construction.  The co-op’s foundation gains strength with each new member-owner.

How do I become an owner?

To purchase an ownership share of the co-op, complete the Share Purchase form (link) and choose your payment option.  Each ownership equity share is $300, and may be paid in monthly installments as low as $25.  Share purchases are refundable.  (SCCM is not a club – there are no dues.)

In what stage of development is SCCM?

The co-op is currently recruiting shareholders to be a part of this future grocery store.

How can I learn more and get involved?

For more information and details, email to


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